Om Namah shivaya


Tara Germani, Jewellery Design Graduate Gemological Institute of America (GIA) 2005. Interior Design / Spatial Stylist. Sattvic Sadhana Yoga Teacher ( ). Creator and Art Director of SATVRN.

Growing up in Australia in a jewellery family, her eyes quickly became accustomed to fine and rare objects. A love for form was soon eclipsed by a sensitivity for the formless.

SATVRN is a jewellery line that excites in the esoteric nature of vedic astrology, sacred geometry, and mystical stories about gods, goddesses and planets. By distilling the essence of these stories into wearable energetic statement pieces, SATVRN seeks to inspire the wearer to believe in their own higher vibratory being.

Designed and hand made in Sri Lanka, SATVRN realizes there is a divine connection between the natural and super natural realms, combining minerals, precious gems and metals in a conscious and healing way where locally sourced stones serve as a reminder of the wondrous capacity of the island and hopes to inspire cosmic awareness that invites a deeper sense of inquiry into our inner, outer and astral landscapes to ultimately create a more luminous experience on earth.